7 comments on “Thousands of women and children are trafficked to, from and thru Pakistan every year

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  3. Hi
    have your ever visited las Vegas or at night bars of modern countries like US.
    Have you ever visited the las vagas at night specially near Florence streets.
    Here hundreds of pimps are all time offering prostitutes of all nationalities,with variety of ages.
    Why prostitution is still consider a top rated legalized profession in US.
    Does any father of US or UK can think that his daughter to be future prostitute on her birth but you find thousands of prostitutes in US culutre .
    Mexico border with all modern rated security setups is still a place of drug and human even US never come in state of war as it is normal practice of country like Pakistan under US maneuvers or pressures and this war on terror was implanted on us By US not USSR.
    After the beginning of this war where 60% population is living on poverty line and which is all time busy in purchasing armed equipments from first world countries and applying on neighboring countries on the name of security and survival as sovereign state
    What ever you mentioned for Pakistan is story of almost all third world countries with different modes except terrorism and it is gifted to Pakistan by US conveys

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