6 comments on “Fallen But Not Forgotten – Pfc. John F. Kihm, 19, of Philadelphia, Pa., died April 19 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan

  1. As an USAF veteran, I truly appreciate that defenders of our country who have followed behind me and other veterans. We will nev er forget you PFC John Kihm. I hope to be part of the flagline at your church, and someday I hope gto meet you in Heaven where I can give you a hearty ‘Welcome Home.’
    Thank you for your service, American Sheepdog (from West Chester, PA), VVA member and patriot.
    Bud Mc

  2. John, Unfortunate timing, such a short but heroic life. But how amazing to enter into the Kingdom of God with Jesus at this most Holy season! You were one of the brave members of our society who had the courage to stand up for what you knew was right. We shall never forget the sacrifice that you and your family have made in our nation’s fight for freedom. I honor you and your family and vow to remind people every day about the heroes who continue to give their all for all of us. Please also remember my nephew Sgt. Brandon C. Bury USMC in your prayers (June 6th, 2010, Afghanistan). You are with him now in heaven! God bless you and God bless your family during this Holy time and always! And always know that when you send us signs down here on earth, we see them, feel them, hear them and will never stop looking for them.
    Betsy Bury Suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa

  3. Johnny we all love you and respect you so much. Your smile, your humor, I will remember you every Easter with the respect and honor that you have earned in life and in giving yourself for our nation. We may never understand the mystery of why ~ but we know that God will comfort and care for your family and friends until we all meet again. You will not sorrow or have any more pain, it is your family and friends that we pray for now because they will hurt and miss you so much. The loss is often unbearable. We love you and can’t stop thinking of you. The stories Danny and Nick share will keep us remembering you forever. Thank you soldier, friend, brother and son. We love you.
    Patti ~ from Adamstown, Md

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