One comment on “Immigrant Maids Flee Lives of Abuse in Kuwait (A Must Read)

  1. Steven, thank you for highlighting this enduring and critical issue. In January of this year, my 2nd novel, Small Kingdoms, was published in the US. Set in Kuwait during the five years I lived there, 1995-2000, it deals specifically with maid abuse. It’s terribly dispiriting that nothing has changed in the decade since I came home. On my book tour this spring, my audiences seemed to know about the issue; nevertheless, many people asked me, “Does this REALLY happen?” as if, as a novelist, I might have made it all up. They know about the issue intellectually, but emotionally they can’t swallow it, and I can’t blame them for that. I want to ignore it too, but these recent cases in Kuwait boil the blood. Your outcry will help put pressure on the indolent Kuwaiti Parliament, where it belongs. My website:

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