5 comments on “Conspiracy: Stink Bugs Disappear!?!

  1. Dont think I will ever prove this with repeated testing… A stink bug remained on my driver’s side window until my vehicle reached 45 mph, then it fell off. So, now I know that you can kill them (and most other things) with Hornet and Wasp Spray and you can get them off your car if you drive fast enough.

  2. I slam dunk them as hard as I can at the water in my toilet (seat up) AND THAT SEEMS TO KILL THEIR INNARDS! Twitching and leg kicking (all legs) make them appear to swim, but they soon die. Dont start killing them untill you see atleast 10 in one day. Then wait patiently, as they gather to a central location SNATCH THEM ALL, BEING CAREFUL NOT TO HARM THEM, CARRY THEM TO THE TOILET, LIFT THE SEAT AND SLAM THEM INTO THE WATER AS HARD AS YOU CAN! Flush, repeat if necessary. This works, tried and true my friend.

  3. Luckily for us, stink bugs aren’t harmful because they do not bite or carry diseases, they’re just annoying! However, they cause tons of destruction to farmers’ crops and they stink when squashed, hence the name. Fortunately they do not lay eggs during the winter and aren’t likely to survive the winter in your heated home. Good luck and hopefully they will leave you alone once and for all!

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